By All Counts, ‘The Voice’ Knows What’s Up

I should start this out by saying I can’t stand the singing competition shows. Hopeful after hopeful stepping up and performing in front of 3-5 people who should know what they’re doing. One always loves them, the other absolutely despises them, and the 3-5th quietly agree with whoever spoke last. This goes on for a few weeks, then we get a winner who’s song gets played over the airwaves repeatedly for a few months. If they’re really good, they last longer. If not…who cares? I should start this out by saying I hate this system, but I can’t say that anymore. I have found my singing competition: The Voice. The Voice is legit, I can’t say this enough, but I realize I owe at the very least an explanation. Let me give a few.

I love The Voice because it actually focuses on the vocal performance. Every radio dj in the country should be a fan of this because let’s face it, we put up with some stuff. Ke$ha wouldn’t come close to making this show, nor would Soulja Boy. That’s not to say Ke$ha or Soulja Boy are talented in their own right: Soulja Boy can mix and Ke$ha is a good performance with a mind for marketing. However, it would be nice to get a star out there who can really let it out and sing. This show focuses precisely on that. The coaches can’t see them, they can only hear them. What a concept.

They may have a great voice, but can they perform on a stage bigger than the local karaoke bar? That’s a weakness many sighted in the early stages of the show and is also a weakness I’m convinced is nonexistent in this conversation. Everyone in business knows the art of being successful is a multi-tangible package. That’s what the coaches are for. Unlike the other shows though, these coaches not only know the industry, they are still alive and successful in the industry. Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine are all experienced and extremely capable of transforming ‘the next big thing’ into ‘the big thing’. Each artist has respectfully performed in their own particular genre no person in their right mind would claim the show has a bias. I love this, it’s what makes the show demographic free and fun to watch.

The Voice does extremely well in a traditional media sense: it has the Nielsen ratings and has proven to be such a heavy hitter for NBC that they chose it to follow up the Super Bowl. But it’s what the show is doing in social media that I find truly remarkable. The Voice has taken interactive TV to a new level, with each coach on and active when it comes to Twitter, tweeting during the show and posting them on-screen with specific hashtags to follow. For the second season they even added an ‘official social media correspondent‘ amazing performer Christina Milian. Not much doing on the social media part…but hey, that’s why she’s got a team of people behind her controlling the social side of The Voice. Even the Facebook page is worth checking out, with a game called ‘The 5th Coach’. The Voice has set the social standard for television.

Perhaps my favorite reason The Voice is superior is that we don’t have to put up with two weeks of horrible performances for the sake of ‘ratings and viewership’. This concept was unheard of and I don’t know why. It was almost mainstream blasphemy to skip this step in the show and have every single person to step on that stage and into our television sets have a shred of talent. To all those responsible for doing what was somehow unheard of and creating a show of pure, uninterrupted talent: I cannot thank you enough.

There are some potential downsides to the show that I worry about. Just like any success in Hollywood, the next question is how to make it more successful. I hope the creative minds behind this amazing show don’t run it into the ground as a victim of it’s own success, the next step so far has been International Expansion, with The Voice UK set to kick off in March. I pray it doesn’t follow the same steps as The X Factor and Idol. However, if it produces the next Adele, I’m cool with it.

If you’ve not caught this amazing show I completely endorse it. It’s not about the person or performer, the wardrobe or the beat. It’s about something so simple and pure, the foundation that was lost in the industry long ago. It’s about the voice, that’s all there is to it.


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