The Social Media Workout Regimen

This has become the 2nd point of every CNA discussion for any new client: how’s your social presence? Ohhh man, these answers are varying, and fun.  Things ranging from ‘Oh you know, I’m on Facebook,’ to ‘I talk with my neighbors if that’s what you mean.’  Not many small business owners truly understand the concept of social media, other than I should probably be doing that.  However, in today’s society, almost everyone understands in some capacity the importance of exercise and taking care of yourself.  That’s why I’ve recently taken a habit to laying out social media for business owners in the format of a workout regimen:

Monday: Content Day.  Much like upper body days this should focus on bulking up the social presence and set the mood for the week.  Review what was hot over the weekend (top stories, etc.), see if your business can relate to it, and post it *with your opinion (this is huge, don’t steal, share and contribute). 

Tuesday: Visual Day. Let your business know what’s going on.  Images are a must, Video if you can.  Let them see what they would be getting themselves into should they walk through your doors / log onto your site. (by now, the wheels are turning.

Wednesday: Event Day. Let your followers know what’s going on in the near future with you and your business.  This is generally the day when people start thinking about plans for the weekend.  Tell them with an event why they should be spending some time with you.

Thursday: Hashtag Day. Try to build buzz around your weekend business plans by creating a hashtag to one of those events you created the day before and make an effort to see if it will go viral, at least on a local scale.  

Friday: Content Day. Follow up all that hard research you did on Monday, see what’s changed in the days between, and post accordingly.

Saturday: Visual Day. By now, hopefully you’re seeing the foundation of some results for your week’s efforts.  People will come through the door, if they have a good experience, capture that with a video testimonial.  If you had an awesome event and a crowd showed up for it, photos are a must.  Let those on Facebook see what they’re missing out on.

Sunday: Rest Day. Take a break, but be wary of the fact that others may not be. You’ll be kidding yourself if you think everything on social media goes smoothly.  People have a voice and they use it on these sites that your business takes part it.  They post experiences, good and most definitely bad.  that’s why….

Every Day: Interaction Day. NEVER let this go by the wayside, and consider this your cardio portion of the workout.  Every day, follow up with those that have taken the time to interact with your and your business.  You never know what social power they possess.

Just like any workout, the results we so desperately want take time, patience and persistence.  Don’t give up, it’s always tough before it’s easy.  With the right content, interaction and overall cause you’ll be flexing those ripped arms and running marathons in no time.


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Marketing/Events Coordinator for Central States Bev Co in Kansas City. Graduate of Drury University, award winning commercial artist, craft brew enthusiast, viral video director, amateur nutritionist and counting... View all posts by robo965

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