Dual Personality: The Perils of Having Two Profiles

Businesses, alter egos, celebrities or people who think they’re celebrities.  It’s not uncommon to see more ‘fake’ profiles scrolling down the newsfeed than names you actually recognize.  Some do this for promotion of a product or service they are pushing.  Some are doing this to socially separate their business lives from their personal ones. Some are doing it so they can actually live out their fantasy of having the last name ‘Bieber’.  Whatever the reason, it’s happening.  Like social media in general, there isn’t necessarily a ‘right way’ of doing it, but there are sooooo many wrong ones.

I say there isn’t any single designated ‘right way’ and this is due to the fact that social networks don’t properly know how to acknowledge this.  Facebook and Twitter have no way of regulating and the only site that has actually acknowledged this situation is Google. Which went oh, so well…

The first choice would be this: why allow it? When you think about it, it’s kinda taking on a false identity if you think about it.  But what about those celebrities that have amassed a following with their stage name? Or more importantly what about those who are going under a separate name to protect their identity from a stalker, etc.?  Hopefully your situation is not in that realm, but there is some food for thought.

  • When considering another profile, be sure to delete the other one – you may be wanting to get rid of that profile your mom wouldn’t approve of, but to keep it around after creating a new one just causes confusion for everyone.  Dump it.
  • If you do create another profile, be sure to make it unique enough to stand out from the other one – a great example of this is the station jock profiles we have at Journal Broadcast Springfield.  My personal profile is separate from my on-air personality profile and each stand out enough to where mutual followers can expect different content (hence, reasons to follow) from each profile.
  • Make sure there’s a name differentiation – it’s one thing to have a Mike Jones (who? I know, I know…) profile, but to have Mike Jones and a Mike Jones Amcorp Marketing profile.  People won’t really be able to tell a difference and the cause is basically lost.
  • Consider a page – So you can avoid the whole ‘logging out and logging in as your other profile’ thing, it may be easier to go with a page, but only do so if you have legitimate cause.
  • If it’s possible to stick with just one, stick with just one – what’s wrong with cleaning up what you’ve got.

As stated earlier, there is no true ‘right way’ to do this, but there can be sooo many wrong ways.  The whole point of creating multiple profiles is to provide relevant and engaging enough content to appeal to each audience.  Besides, there may come a time when you’re alter ego gains a bigger fan base than your original. Trust me, I know…


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