From The Programming Desk: Still Don’t Believe In YouTube?

Hey, have you heard about that new guy Psy? Yeah? If not, no worries, you will.  At this rate, based on Social Media, YouTube and that whole ‘six degrees’ thing, you’ll probably hear of him byyy….right now. Join the 200,000,000.

I’ll wait.

Pretty crazy music video.  Believe it or not, it makes sense.  Know what’s crazier? The US went crazy over this guy (no translation necessary) in less than a week.  Ellen, Today, SNL. Radio.  He is in our rotation. A Korean pop song, raised online and fueled by a ridiculous yet catchy tune with an even more ridiculous yet catchy dance.  Ready for the craziest part? None of this should come as a shock.

This whole ‘YouTube to mainstream’ thing has been going on for years.  Meg & Liz have been making tons of videos for a couple of years, it’s landed them a record deal.  Rebecca Black turned a horrible situation into a cash cow, and Katy Perry took notice.  Karmin first got on the scene from an awesome cover of ‘Look At Me Now’.  Oh yeah, and Justin Bieber.

To the skeptical: YouTube is not just a 24-hour America’s Funniest Videos service, it’s a search engine.  The world’s second most popular.  Oh, and the world’s most popular signs it’s paychecks.  A recent study uncovered where most of the youth searches for music: YouTube.

It’s a bigger deal than you think.

Apple may not care for it, but your listeners do!


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