The Five Folks You Find On Twitter

The progression of ‘Should I?’ has reached another level.  In the initial conversations we have with new businesses on the subject of “what are you doing digitally”, it almost always comes up: what about Twitter? Is it beneficial for my business to tweet?

While there is no question as to whether or not businesses should be on Facebook, with over half the world on the site AND 52% of them on it more than once a day, it’s the perfect place to interact with potential customers and drive them to the store and or website, often times replacing a website entirely.  However, when it comes to Twitter, the purpose of use for a business gets a bit blurrier.

Twitter’s a much more niche form of social media. It has nowhere near the reach, but if it’s done correctly and with the best of intentions can lead to a true success story.  The first question to ask is this: Who are you trying to target? If your answer is any of the following, let’s talk.

The Actively Active Individual: Twitter is microblog that caters to the needs of the busy.  This person is all about conveniently quick (except fast food, which is horrible for the diet).  On The go, does everything from their phone and loyal to all things pro-active. A good group to target, but it would take some convincing.

The Hashtag Addict: One of Twitter’s greatest contributions to the social world: the ability to engage in any conversation of a similar topic just by putting ‘#’ in front of it.  It’s so popular tons of people use the same theme on Facebook, even though it does absolutely nothing.  Hashtags are also one of the things that are often abused.  Some are created and used with purpose, but when you see a Tweet similar to “Got some new clothes at the mall today #swag #crazy #lovemylife #followmeonFB” you know they’re probably not going to engage in any conversation and are posting for their own purpose. They do care about image though, so for retail this could be huge.

The News Reporter: These are the folks that are constantly reporting on niche topics.  Not really an opinion tweet, but something factual and could be found just as easily using Google.  They also tend to Retweet celebrities or more established journalists.  They’re up to date on everything, and a pretty good target for area events managers and promoters (they tend to want to be on the spot so as not to rely on Retweeting somebody who beat them there).

The Follow Wrangler: The only thing they care about is how many follows they get.  They tend to follow celebrities and companies. Could quite possibly be any business’s best friend.  They generally have a huge following because they, in return, are following a large number of people in return.

The Combo Pack: Literally every category mentioned before, all rolled into one.

Just like these 5 Individuals, Twitter can service a specific need.  In order to answer the question, you must first figure if these folks are indeed the folks you are after.  Also, be sure to learn how to use hashtags properly. #truth.


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