Promote Your Marketing To 00 Status

Skyfall is out, and to great reviews.  I actually had the opportunity to go and see it late last week and I must say, Bond does it right.  But they didn’t get there by doing the same thing they’ve been doing since Mr. Connery stepped into the Aston Martin in Dr. No. Skyfall is the perfect example of paying homage to the past successes while advancing into the future with what works today.

MGM (at the time facing problems of their own) knew that in order for this franchise to sustain and grow, 007 needed a facelift.  but rather than launching another installment with the typical lead, girl, tricks and gadgets, James Bond had to be grittier, edgier and more vulnerable.  Someone touchable, that we could relate to, all the while possessing the same confidence in his brand and passion for his industry.

Casino Royale blew all other Bonds out of the water and brought new life to the franchise because it was different.  It wasn’t what we were expecting.  Skyfall is no different.  It delivered by giving us something new.  Your business should be the same way.

If you’ve been sitting there wondering what needs to be done to invigorate your brand, mix it up. Shaken not stirred. The days of slicked back hair and classy settings where things were handled formally and the good guy walks away without a scratch are gone.  Traditional ways of marketing have disappeared with it, at least on their own. To make an impact in today’s world you’ve got to throw yourself out there and try bold new things.  Don’t expect people to come to you based on what you’ve done in the past, find new ways to make your presence known where they are. 

Don’t get me wrong, James Bond wouldn’t be James Bond without the classic touch: which is why you must continue to market where you’ve found the most success, but mix it in with a little bit of new territory.  Mobile, Digital, Social.  Where you find your demographic is where you need to be.  Going this route will make you vulnerable, having a Facebook page exposes your brand to the mercy of the masses.  Yet if you stick with it and market effectively you’ll find the audience respects you for it.

Bond got a facelift by trying something different.  You should too. Promote yourself to the big leagues.


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