Full Speed Ahead

There is a thirst that exists deep within. A constant sense that never seems to be desired. I look around and a see people, acquaintances, strangers…people that have that thirst, but have given up in finding that moment when the thirst is quenched. Whether it’s a false sense of satisfaction or the numbing feeling that happens when you admit defeat, I don’t want to associate myself with that crowd.

A while back (too long ago, I know I know…I need to blog more) I announced I’m switching direction. I’m moving away from the only area I’ve called home and stepping out of the comfort zone of the family industry.  I’m taking everything I’ve accomplished in that career field and leaving almost all of it behind. All the upside, all the potential, used as memories made and lessons learned in pursuit of a bigger dream.

I guess I should make this clear: I regret nothing. My years in media were some of the most amazing and maturing of my life. I’d done things most only get to dream of. This isn’t something that I take for granted, every opportunity seized was one I’ve gladly accepted and have been proud to. That being said, this opportunity was no different.

I was sick of always having a conversation with someone and that person telling me “man, you can do anything”. Couple that with the fact that since college I’ve always wanted to prove myself and earn success in a larger format, it was just the perfect storm for asking “then why am I not doing it?”

As I sit here in my new home nestled in the heart of downtown Kansas City, typing before a massive skyline and rain slightly tapping on the windows, I’m preparing for another day of learning at my new gig. I’ve shifted from media sales and production to alcoholic beverage sales and distribution. I’ve found there are quite a few differences, but the similarities are equally as present and help to gather a sense of confidence that I’m catching on quick. My managers have also assured me that this is the case, and the ladder may start moving quickly. My new manager loves me for my work ethic, saying the other day he’s excited to see what happens in the next couple of months, of course right before handing me a new Mexican craft he had been working on with plans for it to hit shelves next week.  From the experiences I’ve had and people I’ve met to the experiences I’m having and the people I’m meeting.  Yes, as I type, I couldn’t be happier.

That’s not to say I’ve satisfied this thirst that exists. Truth be told I hope I never do. As long as I’m thirsty you can bet the bank I’ll possess and drive that is unmatched, and determination that demands to reach the next level in life.  Every moment, every risk, every opportunity in life has led to this. My fuel is that same component that makes me thirsty.

I’ve had a few quotes weighing heavy on me as of late. Obviously, the Zuckerberg quote is still a big one. But recently I read a Facebook post from Kobe Bryant shortly after his injury: “If you ever see me in a fight with a bear, pray for the bear”. Truly speaks volumes to his determination and focus on getting to the next level.

You’re also going to notice some changes to this blog. It’s going to be slightly less niche and way more personal. I want this blog to emulate every emotion I’m feeling and every bit of knowledge and personality I’ve picked up along this journey through life. Hopefully a bit more consistent in posting as well…

I can’t thank my faith, family and friends enough for the support and love I’ve received in my life. It truly brings me to tears and I’m so excited that each of you have impacted me in the way that you have. I can only hope to return the favor in your own journey.

The résumé is growing: Landscaping artist, driving range manager, golf club mechanic, pharmacy technician, photo lab scientist, professional photographer, tour guide, social media manager and consultant, on-air talent, night club dj, award winning commercial artist, public address announcer, emcee, successful account executive, retail specialist. Most importantly, I’m not done yet.


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Marketing/Events Coordinator for Central States Bev Co in Kansas City. Graduate of Drury University, award winning commercial artist, craft brew enthusiast, viral video director, amateur nutritionist and counting... View all posts by robo965

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